CCA Waiting List

Effective October 11, 2019 Child Care Assistance Basic Sliding Fee Child Care Fund has a waiting list.  Please call to be screened for this program @ 763-324-2360.

Examples of income before taxes effective October 1, 2020:

  • Family of 2 – earn less than $34,745 a year
  • Family of 3 – earn less than $42,920 a year
  • Family of 4 – earn less than $51,095 a year
  • Family of 5 – earn less than $59,270 a year

Families interested in receiving any form of Child Care Assistance can be screened for the program by calling 763-324-2360. You can also reach us by fax at 763-324-3730.

Child Care Assistance FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

CCAP Fund Plan Approval Letter 2-3-2020

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CCAP Fund Plan 2020-2021

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