Budget Specialist Services

Our Budget Specialist Services are available at no cost to the seniors (60+) of Anoka County. Services include:

· Budget Management

· Budget Counseling

· Bill Sorting

· Bill Paying

· Referral/Transition to Rep Payee

· Tax Preparation Assistance

· Foreclosure Assistance & Reverse Mortgage Solutions

Services may be either short-term or on an on-going basis.

What to Expect

· Majority of clients are referred by our Senior Outreach Workers in the Outreach Program. A formal referral is made to the Budget Specialist.

· The Budget Specialist will contact referred client to further assess their needs, and if deemed appropriate, sets up a joint meeting with client and Outreach Worker.

· During the initial meeting, an intake will be completed and services will be discussed. The Budget Specialist will begin implementing services if appropriate.

· Services may be either short-term or on an on-going basis. Services may either be in-home or  at ACCAP offices.

About Our Budget Specialist

Our Budget Specialist works as the Homeownership Program Coordinator for the ACCAP Homeownership Program.

Skilled in foreclosure assistance and reverse mortgage solutions, they are also knowledgeable in budget counseling and management. In addition to being Homeownership Program Coordinator, they are also the Budget Specialist for ACCAP Senior Programs.

For more information on services, call 763-783-4851