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Weatherization FAQ's

(Frequently ASked Questions)


Does Weatherization cost anything?

No. It is offered at no cost to eligible households.



How do I apply for Weatherization?

You apply through the Energy Assistance Program.



I received a letter stating I qualified for Weatherization, what does it mean?

The letter is from fuel assistance and everyone eligible is qualified for weatherization. Selections are made on a priority basis due to limited funds.



What is your priority for selection?

  • Elderly households that are disabled with high heat costs

  • Elderly or disabled households with high heat costs

  • High heat cost households

* These are the top three priorities from which we select.



How many households do you weatherize each year?

We weatherize approximately 3% of all qualified fuel assistance households each year.



What type of work does Weatherization do?

Examples are: insulation, weather stripping, caulking, seal bypasses, furnace work, and venting.



Who determines Weatherization work that will be done?

A trained auditor will perform an energy audit.



I had Weatherization in the past; can I be weatherized again?

Yes, once every ten years you may apply for Weatherization depending on your priority.