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SNAP Outreach FAQ's

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Is SNAP the same as welfare?

No, SNAP is a program from the USDA (Dept. of Agriculture). By using SNAP, your family has the ability to access more nutritious and healthier foods and it also helps the local farmers and grocers.



I already have an EBT card. Can I get SNAP benefits as well?

NO. SNAP is the exact same program as the Food Support Program, only the name has changed. If you currently have an EBT card you already have SNAP benefits.



Does it matter how much money I have in savings?

SNAP no longer looks at assets, only income. You will need to provide proof of income as part of the application.



Can I use SNAP at Farmers’ Markets?

Some Farmers’ Markets do accept SNAP.



Do I need to use my SNAP benefits every month?

No, but it is recommended that you use your benefits once every 2-3 months.



Can I still use Food Shelves if I use SNAP?

Yes, you can use SNAP and still use your local food shelf.