What does a Senior Outreach Worker do?

The Outreach Workers help older adults (age 60+) access supportive services. They connect clients to different programs/services, which assists them to remain living independently in their own homes or apartments. The Outreach Worker goes to the client’s home, assesses their needs and suggests different programs, which meet those needs. In addition, if there is an application that is required for that service, the Outreach Worker will complete the required paperwork. Outreach Workers are often called upon to help client’s complete new applications or re-certifications for programs such as Medical Assistance, SNAP (food stamp support), TAP, etc.



Who qualifies for Outreach services?

Any older adult (age 60+) in Anoka County is eligible to receive outreach services. In addition, Outreach Workers often meet with concerned family members in regards to locating resources for their aging family member.



Are there any eligibility requirements in order to receive Outreach services?

There are no income guidelines; however, there is an emphasis to serve low-income households. Older Adults should be 60 years of age or older.



How do I get an appointment with an Outreach Worker?

Call their message line at 763-783-4741.  Please leave your name and phone number as well as the city in which you live so the correct worker gets back to you.  Clients usually call for an appointment; however, we often receive calls from neighbors, family members or friends who are concerned about someone and would like assistance from an Outreach Worker.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for Outreach services.