Are Senior Companions paid or are they volunteers?

Senior Companions are volunteers 60 + years old who serve other older adults. They do receive mileage reimbursement and a meal allowance.  If the Companion meets the program criteria, they may also receive a stipend to help offset the cost of using their car.

How do I request a Senior Companion?

You may call 763-783-4745 and request a Senior Companion. After answering a few questions, you will be placed on the wait list. When your name gets to the top of the list and there is a Companion in your area with an opening, we will call to set up companion services. 

What if the Senior Companion and I do not get along?

Sometimes two personalities just do not “click.” If this is the case, then you simply let the supervisor know and she will assign a different companion.

Are there any eligibility requirements in order to receive Companion service?

There are no income guidelines.  This program is available to any older or disabled adults who are isolated, lonely, or homebound.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost. Senior Companion services are free to the client.

Can the Senior Companion take me to church on Sundays?

Unfortunately, no. Each of our Senior Companions work no more than 20 hours per week Monday through Friday.

Can the Senior Companion assist with any personal care or housekeeping?

No, Senior Companions do not provide any personal care or chore services. There are other programs to provide those services.  Please see Chores and More link for housekeeping services.

I use a wheelchair.  Can I still have a Senior Companion?

Yes. However, you must be able to transfer independently.  Senior Companions are unable to lift wheelchairs in and out of their car.  However, the Companion can take you to the car in your wheelchair then you will independently transfer from the wheelchair into the car.  The Companion will then take your wheelchair back inside your home, drive you to a store (or doctor’s office) where another wheelchair is available.