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Head Start - "Notes of Appreciation"


A sampling of letters & notes we have received from present & past parents and families.


“Head Start is a wonderful program for children whose parents cannot afford to pay for preschool.  For me, it has helped a lot teaching my son new things to prepare him for kindergarten.  Without the Head Start program, my son would not be able to attend preschool because I myself am a full-time student and a single mother of three.  So, I cannot afford to pay for preschool.  Head Start gives children a chance to learn and interact with others, which is crucial to enter kindergarten.  Early learning builds their future, and no child should be denied that because their parents don't have a lot of money.  These kids are wonderful and they deserve the chance to succeed just like any other child."

Natasha/Head Start Mom



“My daughter attends Head Start, as did my other two kids. I have been involved with the program for about seven years from the Home Base teachers and my children are going to the center as well. My children have greatly benefited from Head Start. I am low income and would not be able to pay for my daughter to go to preschool. Head Start has given my kids the skills that they greatly need for school readiness, both academically and socially. My daughter is given the chance to learn lots of things and be with other kids her age as well. I have the satisfaction of seeing how happy she is to go to school everyday and hearing about how well her day went as well. The program also has fun things for the family to do together which is very good for me and my kids. The teachers are very good at keeping me informed of what is going on with my daughter at school by sending home papers, phone calls, and conferences as well. Thank you for listening to my experiences with Head Start."




“The thing about Head Start that I appreciate the most is the diversity.  The day care centers in the area are not showing diversity and I appreciate the fact that Head Start does.  The curriculum taught is also diversity. The structure and fun curriculum has been useful in preparing my son for school. I also like the wide range of services the Head Start program provides. Head Start goes way beyond the classroom to help each child’s family.  When I volunteer at Head Start, I feel appreciated by the teachers and the children.  I have also experienced a few issues and the social worker was right there to help me.  She was very supportive in each situation.”




“I just wanted to express my deep gratitude toward the Head Start program.  My experience for my family with Head Start has been a life-changing positive one!  My grandson is 4 years old now and you have totally changed his life.  When he started Head Start one year ago, he was very confused, angry, and had some discipline problems due to a previous life of domestic violence that surrounded him and the loss of his home, mother, and father.  Head Start helped him with routine, positive focus, and positive inner actions with peers & adults.  The learning experiences have helped him grow and mature and many people have commented and noticed what a turn around my grandson has made.  He is now a polite, happy, nice child and enjoyable to be around.  I know that Head Start was one of the positive building blocks in his life to save his life and start him on the road to success.  Many, many thanks!”




“I would like ALL children to be able to go to Head Start.  It gives them a better break in life because they start early enough to want to keep learning.”




“I want to thank everyone at Head Start.  I really want to thank my child’s teacher for being my angel in Head Start.  She helped me to learn how parent involvement was real important. I want to thank everyone for always having a nice big smile.  I feel so welcome when I come into the building.  Thank you very much Head Start staff!"




“Due to routine screenings at Head Start, my son was diagnosed and treated for a speech impairment.  I did not realize that his speech was not typical for a child his age until he entered Head Start.  Now his speech is clear and he can communicate with his teachers and classmates in kindergarten.  My son had opportunities to learn skills I could not provide at home.  Social interaction with his peers, computer classes, field trips, a chance to exercise his developing muscles…Without all of this he may not have been able to develop normally and succeed in kindergarten.  I am eternally grateful to Head Start for this opportunity!”




"Head Start has been a “God Send” for both my children.  I cannot think of a better place for children to get so much preparation (individual and one-on-one) for kindergarten.  The teachers are so aware of individual needs each child has, and works with them to conquer those needs.  Not only is Head Start directed to the child’s needs, but also the needs of the parents.  Head Start has an abundance of information for any source you may need help with such as; financial, counseling, furniture, etc. My son needed speech classes and Head Start provided that individual service to him for two years.  He has improved a lot!  I am so grateful for the wonderful services and great teachers Head Start has to offer.”




“I had  a very good experience at the Family Learning Center (computer lab). I took computer classes there for more than one year.  It is a very good program.  It help me too much!  It make my job more easy because I use the computer too so I can have communication with my family in Mexico almost every day.  Also, when I need to know about any address, I just go to the Internet and got the answer I’m looking for.  I know this is a very good opportunity for another people.  This program offers babysitter and little snack and they have flexible hours.  Also, the teachers are wonderful.  They help you understand it very well.”




"Head Start gives us good family time to spend with one another.  It has helped me by teaching them to separate from me.  It helps me teach them what they need to learn.  I don’t feel as if I’m alone.  Thanks so very much!  Keep up the great job!”