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Head Start Health Services


Health Services Objectives

  • Provide a broad range of resources for medical, dental, mental health, and nutrition services.

  • Provide health education for parents, children, and staff.

  • Promote preventative health services and early intervention.

  • Link families to an ongoing system of health care.




  • Physical examinations are required for all enrolled students.

  • Head Start provides vision, hearing, height, weight, social, emotional and developmental screenings including any needed follow-up and referrals.

  • Minnesota Law requires that immunizations are up-to-date for children in a program such as Head Start.

  • Dental examinations are required within 90 days of enrollment.

  • Children brush their teeth daily at Head Start.



Head Start Forms

Download the following forms required for Head Start

Dental Health Report

Early Childhood Medical Report

Medical Report

*A partnership with North Metro Pediatrics provides services to Head Start children and children and teens in the community. Please visit their web site for additional information. 

Health Services Guidelines

Immunization Schedules - Minnesota Dept. of Health

(Immunization Schedules available in several different languages)




Every child receives a nutritious, balanced meal which meets at least 1/3 of his/her daily needs for Part Day/Part Year and 2/3 of his/her daily needs for Full Day/Full Year programs.