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Family and Community Partnership FAQ's

(Frequently Asked Questions)


What is FCP?

The mission of Family Community and Partnership is to empower, support, advocate, and encourage self-sufficiency to Head Start families.



Why does Head Start have Family Service Workers?

A Family Service Worker is assigned to each family to provide support, resources, and assistance with setting goals.  They are available to assist families in a number of situations including classroom concerns, crisis situations, and everyday issues.



What can I expect from my Family Service Worker?

  • A contact to offer a visit regarding the Family Partnership Agreement

  • Follow-up phone calls and/or letters

  • A phone call if your child is absent, and the school has not been notified

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Resources and information



What can take place during a visit?

A visit can take place at your child's center, at your home, or at a neutral location.  During the visit, your Family Service Worker will provide you with resources you requested and will assist you with setting goals for your family.  Other concerns or questions may be addressed at this time.



What if I need additional resources?

If you need additional resources, you may contact your Family Service Worker at any time.  Family Services has resources available of a variety of topics including, but not limited to: basic needs, health & safety, education/employment, parenting, child development, family concerns, individual adult needs, pregnancy/infant.


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