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Head Start Family and Community Partnership (FCP)


Family and Community Partnerships (FCP) sponsor a variety of programs and activities that foster the growth of Head Start families.

FCP provides monthly parent meetings; parent training opportunities and encouragement of parent and community volunteer involvement in program activities.

Parents in Head Start serve on Policy Council, Parent Committees, Health Advisory Committee and program assessment and planning committees in their partnership with Head Start staff.




Volunteer opportunities for parents and community members include: classroom volunteering, bus monitoring, providing child care, assisting on field trips, working in the Head Start office, attending meetings and trainings, serving on calling committees, cutting out classroom projects, talking to children about a career or talent….and more!



Family and Community Partnership

The Family and Community Partnerships team consists of six family service workers who provide the following:

  • Support to Head Start families and encourages success in achieving their goals.

  • Assistance and support to families by providing resources and information for local community resources.

  • Encouragement of self-sufficiency skills, self-determination, and family goal setting which is fundamental for Head Start families. Family Service workers strive to empower Head Start families towards greater confidence, self-reliance, and independence to seek out necessary resources, thus becoming their family's own advocate.

 Family and Community Partnership FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions).