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Head Start Curriculum


Center-Based Program

 Parents are the most important people in their child's world; they are also their child's first and primary teachers.  Supporting children's learning is viewed as a joint effort between teachers and parents.

Our core curriculum for center-based children is "The Creative Curriculum for Preschool".  It works best when Head Start parents and teachers work together.

Creative Curriculum is a research-based system that combines curriculum, assessment, professional development and family connection resources. This curriculum promotes intentional teaching. It explains how everything fits together through different studies and objectives that are highly predictive of future school success. Studies included are "The Beginning of the Year", "Balls Study", "Clothes Study", "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", "Building Study" and "Trees Study"

To support this curriculum, we also use:

  • Second Step

  • I am Moving, I am Learning

  • S.M.A.R.T.

  • High Five Mathematize



Home-Based Program

Our core curriculum used for pregnant moms and children birth to 36 months of age on home visits is Partners for a Healthy Baby written by Florida State University.  It is a nationally recognized, research-based, practice-informed curriculum used by many home visiting models.


The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos is center-based curriculum implemented by home-based teachers on home visits and center socialization days. 


The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is used by our home-based teachers for the children ages 3 to 5 on home visits and center socialization days.  To support this curriculum, we also use Second Step and I am Moving, I am Learning.




Teaching Strategies GOLD is used to help teachers keep track of children's skills, behaviors, and achievements while in Head Start, and to report children's progress to their parents. Teaching Strategies GOLD is a valid & reliable assessment tool which is fully aligned with the State Early Learning Guidelines and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.