This program is available to mobile homeowners who have an older home that either cannot be re-sold in the park, or is in a state of disrepair that is beyond rehabilitation.  It enables homeowners to vacate their home and move to more suitable living condition. Applicants, who apply strictly on a voluntary basis, will be processed on a first come/first serve basis with priority given to 1977 or older manufactured homes or pre-HUD seal.  


  • Income eligibility is based on HUD’s current year income guidelines not to exceed 80% of medium income.
  • Home must be deemed beyond repair or uninhabitable.
  • Applicants must be owner and have clear title to the mobile home.  This means no mortgages or lien holders on the home prior to approval of any assistance.
  • Applicant must ensure that the County property taxes are currently paid in full.
  • The applicant must be current with the lot rent. If there are arrears in rent, the amount due, plus any late charges or assessment, must be paid prior to program approval.  
  • The applicant must abide by the parks lease for vacating out, or moving within, the park.  A notice, per the lease agreement terms, must be given to the park and a copy provided to ACCAP to verify compliance with the park.

New Home

  • Must be located in one of Anoka County’s 22 mobile home parks.
  • Applicant can choose to reside in current park, or move into another park in Anoka County.
  • Must be 1990 or newer model.

Assistant Amount

  • Maximum assistance amount is $24,999.00.
  • This amount may be used toward outright purchase, or down payment assistance. If a purchase price is less than $24,999.00, the lesser amount is the maximum assistance they will receive.

Removal of current home

ACCAP has solicited vendors for the demolition, and removal, of the homes.  Homeowner’s are informed that homes are to be cleared out of personal items, garbage, furniture etc.   If there is excessive debris left in/on the property, and the demolition vendor cannot dispose of the home,  no downpayment assistance will be paid until all debris is accounted for. For further information or an application call – Lori 763-783-4738