Is ACCAP Section 8?
No, ACCAP offers affordable housing options and accepts Section 8 vouchers but does not supply Section 8 or PHA (Public Housing Authority) housing.


What is affordable housing?  
Affordable housing is housing that is below the market rent for the same size and type of units available through out Anoka County.


What is Market Rate?    
Market rate is the average amount that any Landlord may charge for a unit. Rent for units may be slightly higher or slightly lower and still be considered MarketRate.


Does ACCAP just have apartments?
No, ACCAP has single-family homes (limited) and a variety of town homes throughout Anoka County in addition to Apartment buildings.  More Housing options


Can I see a unit before I apply?
Applications are given out at the time the rental housing is being shown. The vacancy listing can be viewed by clicking on Homes to Rent and viewing current vacancies listing which shows current rental properties that are available and dates/times the unit will be shown.


What do you check on my application?
ACCAP uses a screening company to check your credit, criminal and rental history.


I want to move in, but there is more paperwork.  Why?
In order to keep our units below the Market Rate Rents, ACCAP partners with different programs such as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program and the HOME Program.  These programs require that you income qualify before you move in.  You must re-certify each year that you reside in a Tax Credit Property or HOME Program funded unit.


I have a family member that needs barrier free housing.  Is there housing for us?
ACCAP has a number of units that are barrier free (one level with some adaptations) to serve families that need barrier free units. 


What is Grasslands?  Can I live there?
Grasslands is a HUD Section 202 building.  This means in order to live at Grasslands you must be elderly (62+) or disabled and considered extremely low income. Grasslands has 24 units that are completely accessible, roll up stoves, sinks and bathrooms that serve people needing barrier free housing. This building is subsidized and there is a waiting list maintained for this building.  It does not cost anything to apply for the waiting list at Grasslands.