Head Start is a success is because of YOU; it wouldn’t be the program it is without parent and community involvement. Much of Anoka/Washington County Head Start-Early Head Start funds come from the federal government. However, the government only provides 80% of the funds necessary to operate our program. The other 20% must come from in-kind. In-Kind is the donation of time, space or materials used in the program that would otherwise be purchased.

Parent Involvement

Recent studies have shown that children are most successful in school when parents are involved. Volunteering in the classroom, becoming active in the program or with home activities is a great way to become involved in children’s education and is included within the Head Start Performance Standards. The volunteer activities also count as “in-kind” for our program. We rely on our Head Start parents to participate in and have fun with activities that benefit the Head Start program and most importantly their child. We hope every parent becomes a Head Start volunteer. This list provides some examples of suggested activities that can count toward volunteerism (in-kind). As you can see, there are many ways to volunteer inside or outside the classroom setting. Listed below are ways you can help increase In-Kind for our program.

Volunteering with Head Start makes a world of difference to the children in our program. These children need to learn the value of a community that works together and the importance of healthy role models. The best way they get to see this when community members volunteer or donate. From single volunteers to entire organizations, there are plenty of ways you can make a difference in a Head Start child’s life.

Ways to Contribute In-Kind

Parent & Community Volunteers (non-paid)

• In classrooms
• On buses
• On field trips
• Grandparents Day
• Preparing materials for classroom or program
• Time completing Ages & Stages
• Researching community resource list
• Administrative Volunteering
• Student teachers doing field work
• Individualized Homework

Parent Leadership

• Policy Council Meetings
• Parent Business Meetings

Donated Services/Materials

• Donation of goods- crayons, markers, paper etc.
• Donation of clothing for the classroom use
• Donated Services- Painting, cleaning, landscaping etc.
• Medical professionals services to program
• Unpaid speakers at parent meetings
• School district Special Education
• Teachers, Aides, OT’s, PT’s, etc.
• School provided transportation that follows 1304.10 or has waiver.