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FAIM - "Notes of Appreciation"


Read a sampling of letters & notes of appreciation we have received from present & past clients.


  • "FAIM has been a valuable program that taught me how to use various resources to improve my well-being. I learned a lot through the financial fitness classes I attended. Also, the financial help FAIM provides was very useful in furthering my education. Thank you so much FAIM staff and program!!"
  • "FAIM is an incredible opportunity to learn about budgeting and credit pitfalls. Also, it is a great opportunity to practice savings toward a goal. This program allowed me training that will gain me two certifications. These will increase my potential to improve my finances for the future."
  • "This is a rare program that spurs potential growth in housing, education and business!"
  • "The FAIM program has given me hope in that I could see my hard work pays off. Owning my own business is my inspirational ladder to prosperity."
  • "I thought all hope was lost but FAIM reassured me that my hope was not lost. The FAIM program has helped me immensely; I was able to save a little with each dollar matched with three. This program has helped me secure a business place comfortable for my growing clientele."



When asked what they will do differently after attending Financial Fitness classes, here are a few of their answers:

  • Save and be thrifty
  • Start avoiding wasting money, start savings to build wealth
  • Be a smart shopper-avoid falling for ads that make you buy what you don’t need.
  • Fix my credit
  • Make a budget and stick to it, write a spending plan
  • top spending money on useless items, and save money
  • Keep a spending log; only make necessary purchases to save money for retirement
  • Pay off my credit cards with more than minimum payments
  • Be more cautious about acquiring credit cards and loans
  • Being aware of credit and use it correctly