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​​​Child Care Assistance


Child Care Assistance (CCA) provides subsidies to help pay for a family’s child care costs. It is a sliding fee program.

Families must be income eligible and need child care so that parents can work, attend school or job search. The children must be under the age of 13 (15 years old if the child has a special need), and all parents of the children in the home must be in an approved activity.

Anoka County operates a Child Care Assistance program that helps families pay for child care so that parents can work, attend school or look for a job. This program is supported by state and federal funds.


The family may need to pay a portion of the child care cost. This amount is called a co-pay and is based on family size and income.  Family income must be less than 47% State Median Income (SMI) at time of initial application to qualify for funds.

Examples of income before taxes effective October 1, 2017:

    • Family of 2 – earn less than $30,370 a year

    • Family of 3 – earn less than $37,961 a year

    • Family of 4 – earn less than $45,192 a year

 Families interested in receiving any form of Child Care Assistance can be screened for the program by calling 763-324-2350. You can also reach us by fax at 763-324-3730.

Child Care Assistance FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).

Open for public review

Anoka County updates the plan to provide Child Care Assistance every two years. Public comment on the 2018-2019 Plan is welcome. Please contact George Borrell via email with questions or comments about this plan.  The proposed plan for 2018-2019 will be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Human Services by noon on September 18th.  Public comments on the proposed plan are welcome prior to submission

Administration of the Child Care Assistance Program, 2018-2019

Provider Compliance 



Good Cause

Referral to Support & Collections 

2016-2017 Approved DHS Child Care Fund Plan

2016-2017 Approved DHS Child Care Fund Plan Revised 2017

ACCAP-Anoka County Signed Contract 2016-2017

School Verification Form

Self Employment Income/Expense Record

Self Employment Logs

Training Request Packet

Parent Information Handbook

​​​​​DHS-3550 CCAP Application

Change Report Form DHS 4794

Quality Differential Rate Request DHS 4795

Provider Guide DHS 5260

Redetermination Form DHS 5274

Child Care Support Services 

Start Employment Verification Form

Stop Employment Verification Form

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Children’s Defense Fund

Children’s Defense Fund Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Human Services
National Head Start Association

Resources For Child Caring

United Way

United Way of the Greater Twin Cities