Examples of income before taxes effective October 8, 2018:

  • Family of 2 – earn less than $31,939 a year
  • Family of 3 – earn less than $39,445 a year
  • Family of 4 – earn less than $46,970 a year
  • Family of 5 – earn less than $54,485 a year

Families interested in receiving any form of Child Care Assistance can be screened for the program by calling 763-324-2360. You can also reach us by fax at 763-324-3730.

Child Care Assistance FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

Open for public review

Anoka County updates the plan to provide Child Care Assistance every two years. Public comment on the 2020-2021 Plan is welcome. Please contact George Borrell via email george.borrell@co.anoka.mn.us with questions or comments about this plan.  The proposed plan for 2020-2021 will be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Human Services by noon on August 30th.  Public comments on the proposed plan are welcome prior to submission.

CCA 2020-2021 Fund Plan – DRAFT   Posted for Public Opinion – Comments to: George.Borell@co.anoka.mn.us

Administration of the Child Care Assistance Program, 2018-2019

Provider Compliance

Anoka CCAP Plan Amendment

Do You Need Help Paying For Child Care

CCAP Application

CCAP Family Guide

CCAP Provider Guide

Employment Verification Form