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Child Care Aware of MN, Metro FAQ's

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Which kind of childcare is best?

It depends on the needs and personality of your child.  If some children have difficulty in larger groups, a center may not work for him/her.  Knowing your child would be your best indicator of what childcare setting he/she would do well in and thrive.



Can you search other counties beside Anoka?

Yes, we can search the seven metro county area.



Is there childcare for second and third shifts?

Yes, CCAMNM has providers who care for children during the second and third shifts throughout Anoka County and can customize a list for a parent’s request.



Is there a fee for a Child Care Aware of MN, Metro list?

It depends on your income and family size.  The Counselor will ask your family size and general income information, which she uses to determine the fee.  The fee can be paid by credit care and this fee entitles a parent to receive a new list, if needed, up to six months of the initial request.



Are there average rates that providers charge in Anoka County?

Yes, a rate survey is completed by CCAMNM staff each year and is on the ACCAP Web Site.  Upon request, a rate sheet can be mailed to you.



How long does it take to get a customized childcare list after I call?

A customized list is completed the same day of the request and it can be e-mailed, faxed, picked up in the CCAMNM office, or mailed to your home as requested by the parent.



How current are your childcare listing?

CCAMNM updates the Child Care data every six weeks.



Can you tell me which provider to use?

No, however we will answer any questions you may have about child care and what to look for when calling and visiting different providers.  You will get printed guides to help in selecting your provider.  All providers on the CCAMNM database are licensed and you are able to call Anoka County Family Licensing Department.  The information they have is public.