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ACCAP History


The Anoka County Community Action Program, Inc. (ACCAP) is an independent nonprofit agency, which began in 1965 under the Economic Opportunity Act. Every year, ACCAP serves thousands of residents in Anoka County, Minnesota through a wide range of programs. A volunteer Governing Board, made up of representatives of the public sector, private sector, and the low-income community, directs the activities of ACCAP.

ACCAP is committed to helping disadvantaged individuals out of poverty and into the community as productive citizens. The agency offers educational opportunities, information and referral, and direct services, such as Head Start, Affordable Housing, and Child Care Aware of MN, Metro. These programs and services help residents achieve their goal of self-sufficiency.

The Community Action Program also works to educate the broader community and improve the general population’s attitude toward low-income and other disadvantaged persons. Anoka County residents can help their neighbors by volunteering at ACCAP in a variety of settings.

ACCAP is funded by contracts with the federal government, the State of Minnesota, Anoka County local municipalities, foundations, the United Way, program fees, and donations. Private contributions remain in the community and are tax deductible.

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